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Silo’s on Table Rock

They say a picture can say a thousand words. Some of those words for this picture would be “acceptance”, acceptance of the new and the old, the word “heritage”, and “wisdom”. I think another word that rings true would be “challenge”. Yes, that word surely fits this picture. A few others that hold true is “freedom”, “sacrifice” and the most important word here, “love” – always for me, it’s love. But, before I start to tell you how all these words describe this picture, you should snuggle up with a blanket and a hot cup of coffee (or two). Yes, I have said this before as I have another story to tell.

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The Pub Gives Back

December is the month when we here at The Pub give back to all our customers. It’s moments like this I cherish, the astonishment in their little faces, the giggle, posing with the Snowmen for pictures, our famous Chocolate Chip Cookies given to every customer through the whole month of December and more! Much Gratitude for these moments❤️ #Mr.B #laurendeardorff #pubemployees #greatstaff #gettysburgpa #restaurantlife #restaurantinterior #reatauranthunt#restaurantstory #restaurantowner #restaurantdecor #restaurantebar #restaurantchristmas