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I am blessed to have had some amazing people work at The Pub & Restaurant. For me to see these young adults come in so young with the “deer in the head lights zone” overwhelmed with this industry, can be very intimidating. But we are able to build a relationship with them through the good & bad times.

We see them grow becoming confident in their skills, stepping out of their comfort zone to take chances. I enjoy seeing their growth and the love they learn to give and accept in each other. The one thing I demand is to “CARE.” They must learn to care about each other and give everyone their “margin of personality.” When they learn to accept and love each other, they learn to work well together. To see them grow into strong managers and make their own “mark” at The Pub & Restaurant Is what gives The Pub such character and history.

There have been many chapters of many “characters” over the years at The Pub and I am blessed with each chapter. I keep a wall of pictures upstairs of so many past employees. I walk past it everyday looking into the eyes of chapters gone by, I smile every single time. Some have passed away, some work for other restaurants, other businesses and have started their own families. Whatever their next chapter holds for them I am honored The Pub & Restaurant was a stepping stone into their next chapter in the book of life.

The Pub & Restaurant has positions open in many departments. We are looking for fresh “characters with passion” to do great work, that are driven, and willing to take a chance to be be a leader at The Pub & Restaurant. Join our team where we keep “The Love in The Pub.” Be apart of the 2016/2017 Dream Team where it’s about people making people happy! #pubgbg #thepub&restaurant #gettysburgpa#restaurant #restaurantmanager #greatfood #food