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Fox 43 Interview: Second chances – the people behind the food of a Gettysburg icon

GETTYSBURG, PA – There are certain things you can expect when you walk through the doors of the Pub and Restaurant in Gettysburg, PA. For starters, you are usually greeted by an elderly woman named Dot. A hello with a smile then welcome you into an establishment with quite the history behind it.

When patrons sit down and flip through the menu, they get to the back page where there is a story six paragraphs long.

While the ‘history’ of the restaurant is laid out here in print, there’s a much deeper story hidden beneath the words and throughout the restaurant. This is the story that tells you all the details you may not know about iconic Gettysburg business. Included are all of the elements of a great tale, from hundreds of thousands in back taxes, a failed love story, and a fire. All of this and we have not even mentioned the second chances given to those by a woman who rescued a simple restaurant from bankruptcy and turned it into a local success story.