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Hunters Safety Course

In 4th grade he wanted to take a hunters safety course. I don’t think my son knew that I use to be a vegetarian, or that I thought it was disgusting to hang animal body parts on the wall nor did he realize my favorite Disney movies was Bambi and Jungle Book.

Did he not understand how bad I hate being cold. Winter to me meant sitting by the fireplace with tons of blankets, snuggling him while we watched our favorite Harry Potter movie. Not wearing layers of clothes sitting in a tree motionless for hours. I didn’t realize is that these safety courses were not only going to teach my son, but change my world to new and exciting adventures. Upon completing these courses I as well took my hunter’s test with my son and passed! Jakie harvested his first buck hunting with his cousins at 11 years old. This also meant mounting a head on his bedroom wall, unselfish love can change your perspectives in life. Jake decided he wanted to bow hunt.. A bow for Christmas, lessons followed. As he grew so did the need for a larger bow. Time came that he desire a rifle.

Let’s not forget shopping at Dick’s for all our favorite hunting clothes, accessories, and necessities. I have lived such joy with my son being out in nature watching the sun rise and wildlife cross our pastures. We have sat high up in trees and deer camps made from large hay bales. We have gutted, skinned and accumulated more deer heads on his wall. We have filled our freezer with meat from our farm. I have had fettuccine Alfredo made with Venison served to me for my birthday dinner. We have done it all due to unselfish love.

.Over the years I have watched my son grow to manhood in the hunting world. Our very first year when he was much shorter than myself, every step and every whisper was much too loud for his liking. He has groomed me with better hunting etiquette. This year as we walked through the pastures, he towers over me. We walk & talk comfortably, I feel pride in my chest as I am his prize pupil to my delight. We have always gone deer hunting the first day of deer season. This year is the last chapter of our hunting together as college looms near us. My heart fills with sorrow #unselfishlove #hecallsmemom