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People come into our life for a reason

I am a firm believer people come into our life for a reason……. good or bad. We as humans are blessed to feel emotion…… good or bad.

Can you imagine a world of no emotion, no feelings, no art or creativeness in our life. Just black & white, everyone looking the same and being the same. Emotion gives us a purpose in life. It fills our heart with our individual passions that we gained through our life experiences….. good or bad. Feeling your emotions is part of life, not hiding them but experiencing them. As we grow older our experiences can be described as scares or mistakes if you will. People like to judge us upon our scares I prefer to look at scars as wisdom. A place we visited, maybe failed, oh but did we learned….. good or bad. As we turn our head to look back at our path in life, regret can be fatal, but wisdom can be passed forward, it can be hurtful but we can turn it into something inspiring to learn from….. good or bad. I refuse to be negative person but look at each experience of what can I learn from this to make me a better person.

Chris Dickerson @cdphotog is a perfect example that came into my life for a reason…… in many of his posts accompany his photography he gave purpose to the emotion. I listened and passed on his raw form of love of his life, wife, children as well as his photography. He gave reason for his individual emotion captured. He passed his wisdom forward so that I was able to related to my own emotions…… good or bad.

Our friendship evolved as emotions were similar…… passion …… good or bad. Live life with passion. He put me on the other side of the camera bringing to life the girl behind the camera. I am not one to be captured but one who captures emotion that I see and feel…… as an artist your emotions speak to you in the world around you…… when you are in tune with your emotions you can see beauty everywhere, there inlays appreciation and gratitude of life ……. good or bad.

I am most grateful for Chris coming into my life and putting me in front of the camera. He captured some amazing emotions, special people & horses in my world, life on the farm that I will cherish forever. #horses