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The Chapter has Closed for 2016

The chapter has closed for 2016, with that being said I would like to title that chapter as The Learning Year. It was a tuff year but through it all I learned so much, even at my older age. Like my Grandfather said “never stop learning till the day you die”

Grandpa I did a lot of learning this year……

I learned even more so how blessed I am to have so many wonderful people surrounding me……Grandpa also said “Lisa, surround yourself with good people” Grandpa you would have loved to meet these people in my life. It is these people that make The Pub and the farm the only places in the world I want be.

I learned about relationships, even more so at my age. I learned to look for goodness in all no matter what. Grandpa said “Lisa NEVER judge a book by its cover, read the chapters in between.” Grandpa I did a lot of reading this year. I worked behind the line most of the summer, gaining respect with a crew who had the most colorful book covers and their chapters are full of hurt and pain, but I loved them anyways. This fall I bussed tables 12 hours straight without a break, not alone, but side by side with our Office Mgr, high-fiving at the end of the night and a toast to boot smiling ear to ear with pride of our bussing success.

This was a tuff year of being short-staffed and seeing the dedication of our staff who sacrificed working so many hours, not giving up and keeping the love in The Pub. I truly believe the tuff times are more important than the good times. Through these times we experience the truest form of love.

I big thank you to Mr. Kenny Bigham (Kay Bigham) for year after year lighting up The Pub & Restaurant, adding to Gettysburg’s Famous Lincoln Square a Christmas Spirit for all to enjoy. Thank you Lauren Hammond Deardorff of The Gala Event for adding your special touch of decorating The Pub with Christmas Flare!!

I big big thank you to Casey Martin for capturing this image of The Pub & Restaurant! He took so many great pictures the night I ran into him, but I personally appreciate the customers in the window, it reminds me of a Dickens Christmas Village scenery.

Hello 2017!!! We are ready and we are strong. #restaurant #gettysburg