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They Say Quiet Strength is a Strong Strength

They say quiet strength is a strong strength. Then her strength roars. She is a subtle image behind the line amongst the men. She has no problem stepping out to the front where most step back. She is graceful, she is strong, she is consistent, she is quiet, but oh she is mighty. Her long braid flowing out from her hat is the only sign to segregate her from the rest. She is among the many that make a difference at The Pub & Restaurant.


Follow The Pub & Restaurant on FB and on Instagram #pubgbg for post of employees present and past! I am strong believer that “it takes a village.” The Pub is about the employee’s, the vendors, the contractors, the customers, the community, the town, the history. There is so much that makes The Pub & Restaurant what it is today, past & present. Join us as we pay homage to this Village❤ #restaurantlife#girlsbehindtheline #girlsofrestaurants#girlsthatcook #foodie #foodstram#eatgoodfood #restaurantlife#gettysburgpa #pubgbg#gettysburgcollege #gettysburgrestaurants#thepubandrestaurant #saute #nikon5000