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We are blessed to have Dot

One of the most important things to me is love & acceptance. We all want to belong somewhere to someone somehow . With all my children the most important thing that I have taught them is to make people feel welcome whether in our home, the restaurant or passing them on the street.

Always look people in the eye, smile and greet them. Kindness is a gift we can give to all. Time is a gift. The same goes with our staff, when we have a new employee it is foremost to make them feel at home and accepted by all, no matter what may be left out on the doorstep, as that is where it lays. Under our roof we all “belong” to this puzzle, all different shapes and sizes, colors, different walks of life. Yet each piece of the puzzle somehow we figure out where that piece fits in this beautiful picture. There are times when pieces fad or become distorted, these pieces teach us not to lose focus of the whole picture as the distorted piece will truly never fit in any picture anywhere, anyhow. Many pieces may have changed over the years but somehow, someway, everyone “belonged” at The Pub.

Dot has been with The Pub & Restaurant since we reopened from our devastating fire in 2002. She has accepted every single piece of our puzzle over the years without judgement, she just loves and accepts. She has been the warmth & welcoming smile that customers see as well as feel when they walk in the door. She has been the shoulder to cry on for many, she has been the stability for many that have none, she has been that silent strength for many that walk through that door, whether a piece of our puzzle that is needing her love, smile, warmth or a customer who is so accustomed to her greetings over the past sixteen years. Her age is only a number which she dominates in her work ethic. Our Dorothy is second to none when it comes to performance, she leaves the young ones behind. For me Dot has been so much more, she loves me, this I know, through the ups & downs she still loves me. She is what everyone wants in a Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother. We are blessed to have Dot be our core of love & acceptance. I say thank you to Dot’s family for sharing her love as a Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother with us all. She is the “Heart” at The Pub & Restaurant. I love you Dorothy Reinecker. #always